Clubdeck is a free Clubhouse client for your desktop, available on Mac and Windows. Made with ❤️, 🍣 and 🍻 in Barcelona & Paris.

👋 Clubhouse ❤️ desktop, available on Mac and PC

Clubdeck is not affiliated with Clubhouse. Yet, our enthusiasm for Clubhouse, combined with a few nights and week-ends spent in front of a computer ended up with Clubdeck, a brand new way to browse, use, and enjoy Clubhouse on your Mac or PC.

Download for macOS Download for windows

Super powers for content creators on Clubhouse 🦸💪🚀

With Clubdeck, you can do pretty much the same things you would do on the smartphone apps, with additional key features and a totally different user experience, especially if you are a content creator:

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

I want it!

No problem, we understand 😋

You can download Clubdeck below:

Download for macOS Download for windows


The app will ask you for permissions to use your microphone (to be able to join a room) and to display notifications.


We do not access any of your personal data.

Stay in touch

For any questions or feature requests you can contact us at <hello [at]>, follow us on twitter or join our Clubdeck Club on clubhouse.


Clubdeck (General)  
Refresh hallway CTRL + h
Backchannel tab CTRL + b
Online friends tab CTRL + o
Events tab CTRL + e
Create new event CTRL + SHIFT + E
Notifications tab CTRL + n
Mute notifications CTRL + SHIFT + X
In-Room (General)  
PTR (Pull To Refresh) CTRL + p
Toggle remote Audio CTRL + x
Enumerate current mute status CTRL + SHIFT + 1
Enumerate current speaker CTRL + SHIFT + 2
Record a highlight video (macOS only) h
In-Room (Audience)  
Hand raise / unraise CTRL + SHIFT + R
Accept stage invite CTRL + SHIFT + A
Decline stage invite CTRL + SHIFT + D
In-Room (Speaker)  
Mute / Unmute CTRL + m
In-Room (Moderator)  
Filter users (by name or bio) CTRL + s

How to feed external audio into Clubhouse

Feeding external audio into Clubhouse with Clubdeck is very easy, and possibilities are endless.


Note: if you’ve just registered an account, you must log in once in the iOS or android app before using Clubdeck.

If you are having microphone or connection issues we recommend the following steps:

  1. reboot your computer
  2. clear your cache (via the Help! menu at the top)
  3. switch VPN if applicable

If you are having display issues on Windows, you most probably need to update your drivers.

You can also try to change the resolution of your screen.

If you are experiencing crashes on an M1 Mac, some specific system libraries may not be entirely up to date - the solution is to enable “Open with Rosetta” for Clubdeck as described on this page

Release notes

Version 1.6.6

Version 1.6.5

Version 1.6.4

Version 1.6.3

Version 1.6.2

Version 1.6.1

Version 1.6.0

Version 1.5.9

Version 1.5.8

Version 1.5.7

Version 1.5.6

Version 1.5.5

Version 1.5.4

Version 1.5.3

Version 1.5.2

Version 1.5.1

Version 1.5.0

Version 1.4.9

Version 1.4.8

Version 1.4.7

Version 1.4.6

Version 1.4.5

Version 1.4.4

Version 1.4.3

Version 1.4.2

Version 1.4.1

Version 1.4.0

Version 1.3.9

Version 1.3.8

Version 1.3.7

Version 1.3.6

Version 1.3.5

Version 1.3.4

Version 1.3.3

Version 1.3.2

Version 1.3.1

Version 1.3.0

Version 1.2.9

Version 1.2.8

Version 1.2.7

Version 1.2.6

Version 1.2.5

Version 1.2.4

Version 1.2.3

Version 1.2.2

Version 1.2.1

Version 1.2.0

Version 1.1.9

Version 1.1.8

Version 1.1.7

Version 1.1.6

Version 1.1.5

Version 1.1.4

Version 1.1.3

Version 1.1.2

Version 1.1.1

Version 1.1.0

Version 1.0.9

Version 1.0.8

Version 1.0.7

Version 1.0.6

Version 1.0.5

Version 1.0.4

Version 1.0.3

Version 1.0.2

Version 1.0.1

Version 1.0.0